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Laptop Laidback

Laptop Laid Back Desk

Why Choose the Laptop Laidback?

• Designed for Maximum Comfort.
• Fits all Laptops.
• Puts Laptop in EXACT position.
• Lightweight & Portable.
• Used by many persons with health issues or disabilities.
• Eliminates Heat on Lap or Legs.
• 100% Money Back Guarantee.

PURCHASE  $99.95 includes US shipping!

A GREAT option for people with disabilities or pain!Indispensible tool for disabilities!

• Fits all Laptop computers.
• Eliminates overheating of user and laptop
• Bed, sofa & recliner friendly
• Increases your computing time
• Highly adjustable.
• Very stable laptop desk.
• Quality components.
Why choose LAPTOP LAIDBACK? It's a superior product for 3 reasons, "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION." The LAIDBACK is unequaled in its ability to support a laptop in the precise LOCATION required for reclined computing. The advantage of the LAIDBACK is that it can position your laptop’s front edge within millimeters or fractions-of-an-inch of your abdomen. When that is combined with the LAIDBACK’s angle adjustments, a relaxed workspace is delivered because keyboards end up where finger tips need them. You don't have to constantly lift your elbows and arms to use your keyboard.  Laptop desk adjusts in angle or height, for use with laptops, keyboards or heavy books. Works sitting or lying down. 
It's not just a piece of plastic but is, in fact, an assembly of 12 components of injected high-tech material. Each component has been carefully designed to contribute to the form and function of the resulting product. The designers of the LAIDBACK responded to the need for durability, rigidity and minimum material volume. These were achieved by carefully selecting the appropriate ratio of glass fiber to ABS material for the components. Incidentally, the resulting material is very similar to that used in wheelchair wheels where durability and rigidity are also critical. The product should last a lifetime--and that’s a good thing because after using it, you’ll never want to compute without it again.
Laptop Case Not Included. Finished computing for a while? TheLAIDBACK packs away flat to fit just about anywhere - lean it up behind a door, under your bed, beside a desk or table. Great for traveling, LAIDBACK takes up very little space. It weighs only 3 pounds, and yet is strong enough to support up to 22 pounds! Strong! Holds up to 22 pounds 

Key Specifications

  • In-Use Dimensions:
    • Minimum Clearance @ 55 degree tilt ------- 4” (10cm) accompanying leg width – 19” (48cm)
    • Maximum Clearance @ 55 degree tilt ------- 9.5" (24cm) accompanying leg width – 24” ( 62 cm)
    • At Maximum Clearance product can accommodate a 60” waist ( 152cm )
  • Storage Dimensions:
    • 16" (41 cm) x 11” (28 cm) x 2" ( 5cm)
    • Weight: under 3 lbs ( 1.36 kg )
  • Material:
    • Glass reinforced ABS
    • Additional Velcro™ included for laptop-to-table security
    • No tools required for assembly


Description Model # LIST PURCHASE
Laid Back Laptop Desk
(Includes US Delivery)
ET-LABAK $99.95 $99.95